The Company

MyBeeWay is about The Bee Way which is:


• Having Fun While Working


• Camaraderie and Teamwork


• Working with Passion and Love of Life


• Providing work for others so they have Success and Wealth!




• My BeeWay is a set of easy to understand job and business opportunities that anyone can choose from based on his or her strengths and background.


• MyBeeWay seeks to provide better lives for those who want to have the Bee Way of Teamwork, Industriousness, and Passion for Work.


• MyBeeWay happily creates opportunities for you so you become successful. We happily help each other create better lives for Filipinos everywhere.



MyBeeWay Corporation is a 100% Filipino owned company registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Its business portfolio includes retail and direct sales, travel and tours, logistics and express mail services, property brokerage, microinsurance services, and loans services. Its cheerful and efficient services are partnered with innovative quality products that promote health and wellbeing. MyBeeWay combines its different business portfolio into exciting entrepreneurship packages fit for all walks of life and all employment backgrounds, banking and building on our two favorite qualities – a happy positive outlook and a willing drive to better one’s self and help others.







• To uplift lives by bringing out the best in other people and helping them succeed by continuously creating new business opportunities


• To Promote MyBeeWay as a Trusted Happy Family


• To develop and promote a sense of Pride in the Philippines







MyBeeWay, the Happy Symbol of Success, Professionalism, and Stability:


The Pride of the Philippines for the World.





Core Values


• Social Responsilbility, Family and God Centeredness as our way of life


• We make a difference in the lives of people with our Enthusiastic and Can-Do-Spirit


• Through transparency and fairness in all we do, we maintain our Integrity, Good Name and Character


• Teamwork that unifies our Vision, Mission, and Direction


• Excellence as a guiding principle in all we do






Objectives and Social Mission


• MyBeeWay Corporation is all about creating opportunities for live improvement. We hope to build better lives through grassroots entrepreneurship with a person’s preferences, skills, and interests.


• MyBeeWay is all about supportive teamwork, passion for life, and joy in helping others succeed and becoming wealthy. We create business packages that anyone can take advantage of, to provide work opportunities that people enjoy while building their futures.


• It is our dream and vision that through our combined efforts, we can help provide better living conditions and a more positive way of life by helping others grow both as entrepreneurs and as people. If stable micro-entrepreneurship is the key to the global financial crisis, MyBeeWay seeks to create entrepreneurs from everyone through its training programs, business opportunities, and exciting products and services.


• Through our core values of transparency and fairness, we hope that MyBeeWay becomes something that not only develops and uplifts lives, but also an institution that our country, our members, and our BeeFamily can be proud of.


• Let MyBeeWay, our BeeWay become YOUR WAY too! Come on and join us!